RoboToolz laser products of Mountain View, CA engineers and manufactures unique, industrial quality laser levels, optical range equipment and highly accurate laser measuring devices for both indoor and out door use.


Jaap-Orr was comissioned to develop a strategic marketing plan in order to boost sales for RoboToolz under their new solo-entity.

Jaap-Orr initiated a very succesful rewards program in order to increase sales from RoboToolz distributors. The program covered a 6 month campaign where we saturated the market with monthly direct mail pieces containing RoboToolz keep-sakes (ie, a miniature golf cart with logo, a tropical, light-up margarita glass with logo) all in an effort to remind the sales teams that those meeting sales goals will be granted an all inclusive, golf resort vacation from RoboToolz. Jaap-Orr's creative team also designed a tradeshow booth and pop-up display with the reminder message; enticing new distributors to jump abord the campaign.


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