Bankable ROI's

Bank Tech Strategy

Jaap-Orr and Win-Win consulting can provide strategic insight into new technologies for bank executives and boards. We have extensive experience in bank marketing and operations.

Significant changes in demographics and customers and early adoption of new technologies can impact a bank’s brand and future success.

Issues that are covered:
A. Current online features and functions.
B. Will you need an eBranch?
C. What is the future of mobile banking?
D. Is social networking good for a bank?
E. How do I market to a digital world?
F. How do I develop loyal customers in this new environment?




Dot Com Marketing
We blend techy and non-techy thinking to help clients
get “out of the box” and into the light of day.
Our directives are straight forward:

A. Understand the target customer.
B. Build traffic.
C. Engage the visitor
D. Create a customer.
E. Begin again at A.


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