Link Tools, a breakthrough hand tool that links a drive tool with any extensions or sockets into one “Lock Solid” unit. Using a patented design by Pete Roberts, the company is revolutionizing the hand-tool market with it's amazing product. The technology lies in it's locking device which prevents extensions and sockets from coming apart; no matter how many con-nections there are they stay “Lock Solid” hand-to-work.


Jaap-Orr was hired to initiate and manage a campaign to bring Link products to distributors across the US.

Jaap-Orr became the sales management team for Link Tools. We determined the markets in which LINK Tools could generate sales: automotive, industrial, mining. Then a “hit list” of potential distributors was developed. The introduction and promotion of LINK Tools to this list was begun through telephone calls, print campaign and an aggressive trade show schedule. This resulted in the development of sales/distribution channels for LINK Tools.
This is being supported by coordinated marketing materials such as sales sheets, discount programs, counter mats, national advertising, in-store displays, brochures, catalogs, trade show booth and materials, celebrity endorsement and appearance and a web site.


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p: 513 241 2228 • f: 513 241 1969